SPICSCON 2021 invites papers from the field of signal processing, information technology, communications and system applications. The topics of interest, encompassed by the scope of the conference but not limited to, are as follows:

  1.  Audio and acoustic signal processing
  2. Speech and language processing
  3. Image and video processing
  4. Multimedia communication and signal processing
  5. Signal processing for internet of things
  6. Sensor array and multichannel signal processing
  7. Signal processing for communications
  8. Radar and sonar signal processing
  9. 3G/4G/5G Mobile Communication and Network
  10. Communication Device Modeling
  11. Network,Information and Cyber  Security
  12. Microwave/MM-Wave/THz Circuits and System
  13. Wireless and Wearable Technology
  14. Signal processing for Graphs and Networks
  15. Computer Vision, Graphic and Virtual Reality
  16. Cloud  and ICT
  17. Wireless and Optical Communication 
  18. Biomedical Circuits & Systems 
  19. Power and Energy Circuits & Systems 
  20. Digital Circuits & Systems
  21.  Sensory Circuits & Systems
  22. Nonlinear and adaptive signal processing
  23. Compressed sensing and sparse modelling
  24. Pattern Recognition & Artificial Intelligence
  25. Machine learning & Deep Learning 
  26. Biomedical Signal and Image Processing
  27. Signal processing for robotics
  28. Computational Intelligence in Signal Processing,
  29. Information Forensics and Security
  30. Signal processing for power systems
  31. Signal Processing for Big Data and Data Mining
  32. Signal Processing for Humanitarian Technology
  33. Video Surveillance and Monitoring
  34. Human Computer Interaction(HCI) 
  35. Photonic Signal Processing and Systems
  36. Analog / Mixed Signal Circuits & Systems
  37. Beyond CMOS: Nano & Hybrid Systems
  38. VLSI Signal Processing Technology.
  39. Machine Learning in VLSI Design  
  40. Signal Processing and  Machine Learning for Sensors
  41. Neuromorphic Signal Processing and Computing